Administrative / Executive Support / Back Office Outsourcing

Leave the headaches to us – get out there and serve your customers… That’s why you started your company in the first place, right?

Sometimes accounts get a little out of control – let us politely follow up with your customers who have outstanding invoices. Shore up your finances by catching up on your receivables.

There are lots of details to track with regard to licensing, permits and regulations. We systematize and schedule important compliance matters and ensure that there are no surprises.

Employees and even trusted executives can cause administrative backups when everyone is doing their own thing. With agreed upon policies and procedures, you can put a lid on internal frustrations and disputes because everyone is working off of the same sheet of music. In addition, policies and procedures, when properly executed and implemented, can help weed out employees who pose a risk to safety, privacy and risk of theft.

Meeting with your lawyer and accountant can be frustrating; it’s daunting to face business and legal risk, especially when it seems like they’re speaking a different language. Walsh Partners can interface with your lawyer and CPA and potentially save you billable time and resources when you’re trying to respond to their requests.

We can review, categorize, organize and store your documents so that you can find important in formation when you need it. From leases and contracts to HR files, let us help clean up and safely catalogue your important documents.

When your business receives mail, do you have a standard process for opening it and responding to it, or have you missed something important? Mail control can improve consistency and reduce the risk of missing something important or having an employee mishandle an important piece of mail.