CFO Services

A part time CFO can be a resource to help your company achieve planning, operational and financial goals. Below are some examples of how Walsh Partners can help you and your business.

Proper financial reports offer management a snapshot of cash position, financial health, upcoming financial obligations and overall business performance. In addition, clean and clear reporting helps inform important business decisions like choosing to make an investment, how to allocate resources and attention, and demonstrating to investors, clients and stakeholders that your business is running well. We work with our clients to develop reports and set up a regular delivery schedule that meets your needs.

Walsh Partners can manage your payroll or interface with your preferred payroll service provider to ensure that your company can fund payroll accurately and in a timely manner. Payroll is simply one area where businesses can’t afford to make mistakes or be inconsistent.

Walsh Partners works with clients to help with general business planning and analysis. Armed with the right questions and answers, businesses have a better understanding of where to spend more effort or provide more support – this can help prevent problems before they happen.

Walsh Partners can provide preparation for tax season in different capacities. Primarily, we provide clear and clean books to help interface with tax preparation software packages. We can also prepare initial tax returns using popular tax prep software on your behalf and then review with you for submission to the IRS. In addition, we can interface with your preferred CPA firm or outside tax planner to help take the pressure off of you and avoid last-minute rushes to complete and submit taxes.

Walsh Partners has experience in preparing companies to present their business case to potential investors, banks and merger / acquisition / joint venture partners. When you want to make sure that you have a good story to share with partners or investors and that your narrative has a basis in solid fundamental accounting and budgeting / forecasting and we can help you prepare for this.

When you have your narrative built, and your story is prepared, all the documents are in the binder and the deck is cued up on the laptop, we can help facilitate the dialogue with prospective investors and partners. With deep familiarity in your financial and a layer of independence, we are uniquely positioned to help you put your best foot forward when courting capital partners.

Regardless of what you think a proper accounting system looks like, whatever you’re doing to keep track of expenses, finances, cash, performance and even proposals is an accounting system. One of the first things Walsh Partners does when working with new clients is an assessment of their existing accounting systems, processes and physical path that documents take through your office environment. This is a deep dive to help clients remove unnecessary clutter and drama out of their administrative procedures. The results of this step inform the design and adoption of more effective, simple and repeatable desk procedures.

Many businesses find quick success before their actual administrative systems can be established – for example, when a hobby suddenly turns into a real business. We work with companies at this specific stage to set up a logical, scalable chart of accounts, filing system, durable processes for A/P, A/R, billing, reporting and maintaining files.

Based on the assessment of your accounting processes and a deep dive on what it is your business does and how it is conducted, we’ll prepare and propose a logical and understandable chart of accounts. This step is important in organizing the overall accounting environment in your business – it affects the look and feel of your reports, the narrative of your accounting and financial transactions, and helps process the day to day goings on in the real world of your work.

There are a couple of ways to look at your finance and accounting dimensions in your company – there is the ongoing, ‘steady state’ mode of carrying on the finance and accounting, and there are the times that can be described as transitional, when this functional area requires more forethought, analysis, brainstorming, testing and implementation. Whether you’re starting up a new venture, experiencing a significant growth spurt, courting investors or finalizing a sale, investment, exit or merger, we can work with you to smooth out the rough spots and allow you to maintain the ability to transition properly, and then cut over to new processes and systems seamlessly.

Banking is more than a place to park cash or review account balances online – a bank can be a value added partner as your company grows and changes. Walsh Partners sets up and maintains relationships with bankers to help prepare for the future. We build ties with banks to help facilitate the potential for helping with lines of credit, wires or ACH transfers, currency exchange or investment vehicles to manage cash flow.

Cash is king. As a business owner or manger you should have at your disposal the resources to know what your cash position and forecast are with reasonable confidence so that you don’t end up missing a key payment or unable to access cash if it is needed. We produce reporting and execute strategies to ensure that your firm has cash available when and where it is needed and we provide forecasts to help you make responsible business decisions.

When you are operating with borrowed resources, you cannot afford to miss a loan or contract covenant. We systematize and schedule important covenants and contract compliance matters and ensure that there are no surprises.